My almost complete list of traditional strength training exercises I regularly include in my personal workout programs. As they become available, click on an exercise to see how to perform the movement and other details. 

Lower Body 

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Vertical Hip Extension
Horizontal Hip Extension
Lateral Hip Abduction

Upper Body

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Back Dominant 
  • Multi-Joint / Row, Lat Pulldown, Pull Up, Face Pull
Chest Dominant 
  • Multi-Joint / Push-Up, Chest Press
  • Single-Joint / Chest Fly, Front Raise
Shoulder Dominant 
  • Multi-Joint / Shoulder Press, Upright Row
  • Single-Joint / Scapular Pull, Lateral Raise, Rear Lateral Raise
Tricep Dominant 
  • Single-Joint / Tricep Extension, Tricep Pushdown
    Bicep Dominant 
    • Single-Joint / Bicep Curl, Hammer Curl, Neutral Pull Up, Chin Up

    Full Body / Core

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    • Swing
    • Planks / High, Forearm, Reverse, Reverse Forearm