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Home Gym Tour: Equipment List

Plus accessories, flooring and curtains

Below is the full list of everything included in my home gym including where I purchased each item.


Amazon - Ankle Weights

Amazon - Barbell Pad 

Amazon - Fabric Resistance Bands

Amazon - Lifting Straps

Amazon - Pull up bar (Multi-grip, Over-the-door)




Walmart - Set of 25 lb dumbbells

Walmart - Set of 35 lb dumbbells

Walmart - Set of 60 lb dumbbells

Bars + Plates

BC Strength - 10 lb plates

BC Strength - 25 lb plates

BC Strength - 45 lb plates

BC Strength - 45 lb plates - thruster

BC Strength - Barbell - thruster lite


BC Strength - Foam bench


Flooring and Curtains

Amazon - Linen Textured Patio Curtains - Beige

Amazon - Puzzle/Interlocking Foam Exercise Mats - Black

Amazon - Tension Curtain Rod - Matte Nickel