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Full day of colorful nutrient dense meals

Balanced and flavorful plant based recipes

A satisfying day's worth of yummy eats including beans on toast, an easy to make smoothie bowl, and a household staple dinner of tofu stir fry with beets and bok choy paired next to rice. Find everything I ate plus the video below. 

Most meals I make are measured by eyeballing and to my personal taste preferences. As an intuitive eater I rarely measure unless following a specific recipe! 

Whether it's the time of day, the quantity, or the ingredients I choose, I eat intuitively while being mindful of my food sources. As realistically as possible, I follow a whole food plant based diet with the aim to eat as much variety as I can in each food category and as many colors of produce as I can throughout every day following my hunger cues. 

The Menu:

07:20 AM - Espresso x2

08:30 AM - Beans on Toast

Sourdough, plant butter, baked navy beans (by Minimalist Baker), and green onion.

12:40 PM - Smoothie Bowl

Oat milk, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, banana, grainless granola (Trader Joe’s), and pistachios. 

08:10 PM - Vanilla Protein Drink

Nuzest Pea Protein Powder - Vanilla (Amazon) and water.

08:40 PM - Tofu Stir Fry

Sautéed high protein tofu (Trader Joe’s) in sesame oil, olive oil, coco aminos, soy sauce, bok choy, beets, salt and pepper to taste, top with black sesame seeds, paired with Indian basmati rice.

10:00 PM - Watermelon

10:40 PM - Cashews and Chocolate Chunks

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