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Summer Day Menu

Served from 5 am to 4 pm

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  • Water / flat / lemon
  • Oat Latte / iced / hot / flavored
  • GT’s Kombucha / gingerberry / trilogy / gingerade
  • Coconut Water
  • Ginger Peach Iced Tea / ginger peach tea, peach juice
  • Smoothie Bowl / mix of frozen fruit, almond greek yogurt, oat milk, peanut butter granola, banana, strawberries, nectarines/peaches, honey.
  • Smoothies / mix of frozen fruit, oat milk, mango juice blend, chocolate pea protein powder.
  • Yogurt + Granola / almond greek yogurt, peanut butter granola, strawberries, cherries, nectarines/peaches, honey. 
  • Muesli / rolled oats, slivered almonds, roasted salted pumpkin seeds, raisins, cinnamon with oat milk.
  • Wrap / vegan refried beans, scrambled tofu, hot italian plant sausage, flour/corn tortilla. 
  • Toast / plant butter, egg, avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro, olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes.
  • Veggie Sandwich / sourdough, mustard, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radish, hot banana peppers, red onion.
  • Bean Bowl / spicy black beans, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, tortilla chips.
  • Bean Toast / sourdough, bbq navy beans, green onion.
  • Pasta Salad / lentil penne or edamame spaghetti, chopped veggies, sauerkraut, lemon balsamic dressing.
Sides + Snacks
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Nut, Seed, Fruit Mix
  • Potato Chips / sea salt / salt & vinegar / jalapeño

Daily Preparation

  • All
  • Veggie sandwich
  • Bean Bowl
  • Bean Toast

Nightly Preparation 

  • All
  • Pasta Salad
  • Wash and pre-chop vegetables for sandwiches and salads
Sides + Snacks 
  • Pre-wash fruits: cherries, strawberries
  • Wash and pre-chop: cantaloupe, watermelon


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Example grocery list by category

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