Tone Your Glutes and Thighs: Bodyweight Leg Day Workout

20 minute bodyweight leg day workout at home for a round booty and tight thighs. Tone and tighten your lower body equipment free!

This 20 minute follow along workout helps blast fat and cellulite with a mix of toning exercises and high intensity exercises. You don't need any equipment or weight for this bodyweight workout. But if you want, you can add weights and/or a resistance band to make this workout extra intense!

Work your glutes, thighs, calves and get ready to sweat!


(10 exercises, 2 rounds)
45 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF

  1. Narrow 1/2 squat
  2. Cross jump squat
  3. Alternating reverse lunges
  4. Sumo squat hop
  5. Curtsy lunge + forward lunge (right)
  6. 180° lunge jump
  7. Curtsy lunge + forward lunge (left)
  8. Jacks + in-out squat jump combo
  9. Squat hold + heel pivot
  10. In-out squat hold


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