Stretch After Workout: Full Body Cool Down for Flexibility + Relaxation

Focused on active, dynamic stretching exercises this full body cool down is beneficial as a post workout stretch for breath recovery and for increased flexibility. So try these relaxation stretches and flexibility stretches as a post workout cool down!

This is also a flexibility workout for beginners: I show modified stretching in the first few repetitions, then show more advanced stretching in the remaining time during each active stretch.

Take these active stretches at your own pace and focus on gently pulling apart your limbs. For example, slowly pull your shoulder blades away from your rib cage to open up your back more during some of the upper body movements.

The Cool Down

50 seconds ON, 10 second TRANSITION

  1. Knee resting cat-cows (great for breath recovery post workout)
  2. Standing reverse fly + windmill
  3. Knee resting squats + forward bend
  4. Forward bend windmill
  5. Forward bend + chest expansion (optional swinging)
  6. Hip flexor lunge (option, quad pull) + hamstring stretch (right)
  7. Hip flexor lunge (option, quad pull) + hamstring stretch (left)

Do this stretching routine after each workout, in the morning, or before bed. Repeat this stretching exercises routine back-to-back for a deeper stretch. Stretching after workout helps relax muscle, improve muscle flexibility, rebuild muscle fibers and improves circulation. I hope you love this full body stretch!