Blast Fat and Tighten Up With This No Equipment Full Body Workout

Get ready for this at home no repeat full body workout! 25 min full bodyweight workout to blast fat and tighten up! Burn fat with this intense full body hiit workout.


45 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF

  1. In-out squat hold
  2. Straight arm jacks
  3. Leaning split squat (right)
  4. Leaning split squat (left)
  5. T-cross sit up (right)
  6. T-cross sit up (left)
  7. Half burpee
  8. 1/2 squat
  9. Squat burst jump
  10. Modified split hand push up (right)
  11. Around the world v-sit
  12. Modified split hand push up (left)
  13. Cross squat jump
  14. Kneel + jump squat
  15. Side to side jump squat
  16. Runner’s sit up
  17. Tricep push up pulse
  18. Straight leg cross crunch reach
  19. Single side jump lunge (right)
  20. Squat + fire hydrants
  21. Single side jump lunge (left)
  22. Split knee table top
  23. Crab bridge
  24. Teaser
  25. Crab complex: tricep dip + cross toe tap

For the best results, pair this total body workout with a balanced whole food diet. For healthy meal ideas, check out my meal plans!