Quick Bodyweight HIIT Workout to Challenge Your Endurance

Jump into this quick and effective full body workout to blast fast and build strong, lean muscles in just 12 minutes.


50 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF

  1. Squat + squat crunch
  2. High knees + back kick runs
  3. Up-down plank
  4. Kneeling step-up squat
  5. Jump lunges
  6. Plank shoulder taps 
  7. Squat pulses
  8. Jump squat 
  9. Forearm plank in-out steps
  10. Curtsy lunges
  11. Straight arm jumping jacks
  12. Forearm plank

Always pair full body HIIT workouts with a balanced whole food diet for the best results. Check out my meal plans!