Burn Thigh Fat + Demolish Cellulite

Tone and tighten with this equipment free bodyweight leg day workout at home.

This 10 minute follow along workout helps blast fat and cellulite with a variation of lunge toning exercises and high intensity exercises. Lunges are also a staple muscle building exercise for the legs so this one is going to be a burner!

You don't need any equipment or weight for this bodyweight workout. Work your glutes, thighs, and calves and get ready to sweat! 

The Workout

45 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF

  1. Reverse lunges
  2. Curtsy lunge + side lunge (right)
  3. Curtsy lunge + side lunge (left)
  4. Pencil lunge jumps
  5. Toe touch forward lunge push (right)
  6. Toe touch forward lunge push (left)
  7. Double pulse lunge jumps
  8. Reverse lunge + front kick (right)
  9. Reverse lunge + front kick (left)
  10. Lunge jumps

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