Bodyweight Workout To Tone Flabby Arms And Abs

10 minute upper body and core workout to tone flabby arms and abs using no equipment! This complete toned upper body workout is a quick and effective way to get slim arms and lose arm fat.


Upper body strength training will help you lose back and belly fat. This toned arms workout and toned core workout also targets your back and chest.


45 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF

  1. 4-second negative tricep push up (round 1)
  2. 4-second negative tricep push up (round 2)
  3. Forearm plank  (round 1)
  4. Forearm plank  (round 2)
  5. Starfish tuck  (round 1)
  6. Starfish tuck  (round 2)
  7. Bird dog crunch (right arm + left leg)
  8. Bird dog crunch (left arm + right leg)
  9. Side plank (left)
  10. Side plank (right)

For the best results to get rid of flabby arms and a flabby belly, make sure to follow a balanced whole food diet. For meal plan ideas, check out my channel! I hope you enjoy this bodyweight upper body workout (no equipment)!