My Channel

Why a YouTube Channel?

My YouTube Channel ┬ásparked out of a desire to teach people about America’s current food system, more specifically what’s wrong with it. But I also wanted to show people how easy it can be to eat healthy. For the last now 7 years I’ve had an intense passion for eating healthy and learning all the details about what’s nutritionally in our food and how it’s produced. I wanted everyone to know what I was learning so I decide to make fun, quick and to the point videos about this subject. This video is one of the first videos I created and explains my goal for my channel.

I plan, film, edit, design, and publish all my own videos for this channel.

Plant Based Meal Plans on a Budget

My most popular, and most current series of videos features how to eat plant based, mostly organic, food on a budget while simultaneously filing your pantry with staple plant based goods.

My Most Popular Video So Far

I never expected any of my videos to reach views in the thousands within my first year on YouTube, let alone tens of thousands of views. But this ‘8 Easy Vegan Sandwich Recipes’ video that I created in my first few months on YouTube has made it up to nearly 100,000 views as of this writing, and I’ve only been on YouTube for just over a year.

Changing Directions

For my first year on YouTube I stuck pretty strictly to offering up plant based recipes and meal plans that people could follow. However my real passion is in teaching what has happened to our food system in the last 50-100 years, where we’re at now, and how it’s affecting our health as a nation. So far, I have only created a few videos with educational content in it like this video ‘How I Eat As Much As I Want’,┬ábut plan to do more!